Ekat Bork, I Am a Rocketship

The Cavern Club, 82-84 Queen Street, Exeter, UK

Born in Siberia and residing in Switzerland Ekat Bork is an autodidactic singer, songwriter, composer, producer and director. Impossible to categorize, she draws from electronic, post-punk, trip-hop, hip-hop, industrial, and avant-garde. Her new video-single “SHAMANIA” is a preview of her bold new album “EKAT". https://ekatbork.com

I Am a Rocketship draws from 80s FM pop, hip-hop overheard on Atlanta streets, Bernard Hermann soundtracks, and Neue Deutsche Härte to make bedroom pop with an edge. Their third album, Ghost Stories, will be released April 31, 2020. https://iamarocketship.com

The Cavern is a legendary venue that has hosted some of the UKs biggest acts, from Muse to Royal Blood.