As a bassist, guitarist, and singer, Eric Weissinger had opened for bands such as The Wedding Present, James, Cracker, and Portastatic. After playing on an Anne Richmond Boston album featuring Syd Straw, Marti Jones, Don Dixon, and Terry Adams, he took a break from music until a chance meeting with L E Kippner changed everything.

A college radio DJ, choir member, cellist, and singer of Swedish synth-pop duo Neobox, her musical background could hardly have been more different than Eric's. Nonetheless, their shared love of Rammstein and Bob Dylan led them to form Hitchcock Blondes in Cleveland, Ohio. They then moved to Atlanta, creating I Am a Rocketship to free themselves from the restrictions of conventional bands. In 2016 the duo released an album, Mission Control, followed by 2019's Mind Grafitti. Ghost Stories, an 11-song album, was released in 2020, followed the same year by the 5-song oRAnGE.

In 2021, the duo released the 10-song Lies and Legends. followed by 2023's La Cruella. They are currently writing material for a 2024 release.