It's world premiere night

That sounds more important than it is. Still, it's technically correct. Tonight we'll try out the Premiere feature on YouTube, so we can chat with a few people who want to see the video of Face Off, the first song on the new album.

While we are happy with the video, and had a lot of fun making it, it's talking to people who like the music that is exciting. Long ago, we went to Iceland. Eric was playing a couple of solo gigs there, and among many remarkable things about Reykjavik was the sense of community amongst artists. It seemed that everyone painted, or made music, or acted, or sculpted, or wrote, or somehow did something to express themselves, and the city is small enough that people were at once creators and audiences. The boundaries between people were fluid, so that rather than being an X Factor sort of "mighty entertainer spews glorious sounds to adoring masses" feel, it was a communal appreciation of creativity.

That's a fancy way of saying we're happy to share what we make, and we want to see, hear, and experience what others make. Share!

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