We played with a great band a couple months ago, called Wolf & Moon. They create wistful, melodic songs that combine Dennis' unadorned acoustic guitar sounds, Stef's pure and expressive voice, and cool electronic beats and sounds. They hail from Europe, where the history comes from.

We're ready to play in Europe. It's not hard to get around by train, city centers are walkable, and we've both performed on that side of the Atlantic, albeit only once together. But how do we start? 

Couple dozen possible cities, and endless dates. What venues are open to our hybrid of electronics and guitar, of sweet and bitter? Who are the trustworthy promoters? How many dates can we pack into ten days, and maybe break even financially? How many Delta SkyMiles do we have saved up?

Hey, Europeans, give us some ideas... we're planning now for June and July 2020, to support the new album "Ghost Stories" (which we think will be our best yet - every band says this, but we're really taking a few sonic chances on this one) and meet new people in new places?

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